Albergue Santiago de Vilavella - Comentarios

Flavia Cotronei...

Porquè me despertè llena de picadas de en las piernas....horrible

Iago cota

Instalaciones muy nuevas, trato muy correcto. Albergue recomendable.

Josico CM

Limpio, acogedor, céntrico, tranquilo, buen desayuno...según mi opinión la almohada un poco baja.


Limpio y amable


Dicem que son habitaciones de sólo 4 literas, pero al final es un dormitorio general con separadores de tabique entre grupos de 4 literas. No hay donde lavar la ropa. Todo lo demás es regular, no tengo razones de queja. Personal amigable.

Verena Ma

It was very noisy in the night because it is actually a hostel and not an Albergue de Peregrinos what they pretend to be, means there are also tourists, which came home at 3 am talking loudly. They can get in all night with a code on the door, the hostel doesn't close at 22h like an Albergue. Because of the cubicles the tourists didnt see the other beds and thought maybe they were on there own. The only sitting room opens directly to a road with noisy traffic. It's was cold inside. The bunks were extremely low, and there was no chair, so you couldn't sit in the dorm. The whole place is sterile and unfriendly. There are no real hospitaleros, just employees who have no idea about pilgrims. I asked the girl at the rezeption a question about the camino of the following days, she knew nothing, hasn't even walked it. The laundry couldn't dry because they have no patio or not even windows. They charge 15 Euros for a bed, while normally Albergues in Spain charge between 5 and 12 Euros with an average below 10 euros. I'll avoid those type of places in the future.

Recomendado por el 50%


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