Casa de Espiritualidad Nuestra Señora de Belén - Comentarios


25 € por una habitacion viejisima, aunqeu sea individual por una ducha viejisima, sin aire acondicionado es demasiado.


Rooms are very basic, my one didn't even have a power outlet. The place felt to me like a prison, you are not free to go in and out, you have to ring a bell and then someone comes to open the door for you (if there was a fire and they weren't around we'd all die inside), and you have to leave your room key in reception while you're out. I asked them why can't we just leave freely and they said they were afraid of being robbed (though it had never happened). Seemed hypocritical how a Catholic place doesn't trust that God will protect them - it's also the first time I've seen this in the Camino. Plus energetically, the place felt like a really low energy (maybe something happened there historically?). And to me the place felt old, cold and impersonal. Also I didn't see any wi-fi and there was no dinner (as far as I've been told). The beds had sheets though, and there was hot water and a vending machine.


Un lugar para no pasar de largo. La atención de las hermanas espectacular. Todo limpísimo. Y con un buen desayuno. Volveremos.


After 20 minutes in bed I felt bites on my body. I took off bedding and found 20-30 fleas in mattress cover. I changed rooms and found more fleas in bedding so I slept in my bedding. The bugs are NOT bed bugs but fleas. The bathrooms were very clean and nice. I think they should skip providing bedding and ask pilgrims to provide their own. Breakfast was good. You can stay here but check or remove bedding.

Ilu Negrin

Un oasis de tranquilidad. Muy gentiles las hermanas y desayuno muy completo


Lugar muy tranquilo, las hermanas muy amables.

Suzanne Auchterlonie

Clean very private but maybe a little overpriced

Juan Rodriguez

Hay que pagarse un lujo de vez en cuando. Habitación individual con baño y magnífica atención. Cuando yo pasé, en septiembre del 18, ya no daban cenas ni comidas. Sólo desayuno

Arturo Navascues Gil

Muy limpio, amables la hermana que me atendió una gran persona me puso un montón de fruta no dudaré en volver gracias hermana

Recomendado por el 55%


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