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When we were making reservations to stay at Mihotelito, I asked the owner about the cost for dinner. She said the cost would be 25 euros per person, which is very high. She said that a specially prepared meal would be made for us. When we arrived, there was a group event going on in the home. This was a family event to celebrate her daughter's engagement. The party continued throughout the afternoon and restricted us from having any access to the common areas on the main level. We came down for dinner and the owner said she was going to serve us a stew that was left over from the party earlier that day. Same for the desert. So we were not prepared a specialty dinner - we were served leftovers. I was hoping to get a reduced rate, but she not only charged us 25 euros each, she also charged us for the wine! On top of this, we did not have access to the main level and could visit the garden not until late afternoon. This is a small town and peregrinos should avoid staying at Mihotelito !

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