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Should I Stay....or Should I Go!!

I am from Scotland and have like so many others this year had to postpone my Camino, which was to be the VdlP. I rescheduled to begin on Sept 17th and have been watching the COVID related news with a watchmakers eye.

The news coming to the UK was that the increase in cases were in the north and south-east predominantly. Though cases were still being reported in Seville as well. More recently I have read there is now a decline in cases being observed. However, I appreciate this is a moving target which is hard to predict. My puzzle to ponder is as the VdlP is a quieter and initially more remote Camino, is it likely that much of the Camino infrastructure - albergues, cafes, hostals etc... be closed. Plus is it likely to be pilgrim free too. I ask because much as I enjoy walking on my own I delight in the companionship of cafes and albergues, the meeting of new friends who you bump into again and again.

I have to make a decision by the 11th Sept and would appreciate and information about the current situation, and the wisdom of (at least starting - with the option to return to the UK to self-isolate should the need arise)

Any suggestions, thoughts or advice will be welcome

My main concern will be alberques (that I think are to be open being closed) lack of accomodation or places to eat/buy food


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I walked la vía de La Plata two Weeks in March, from Caceres to Zamora:

Positive: amazing landscape, people from Germany, Ireland, Poland, USA, but no so many, with beautifull camradery.

No so positive:: long distances (around 25-30 km) between towns with albergues. Was March but the afternoons were already very hot (and I guess September  will continue being very hot). The 14th March everything closed, and suddenly there were 0 options to continue. And I'm not sure now the stability of the situation makes the things so sure...

Well, this is my view!

Good luck!


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Thank you Fernando. I think you are right. After a long day walking in the heat where there is no place to stop to rest or sleep, would be a big problem. Also, I think meeting other pilgrims it a big part of the joy of walking. So my feeling is it is going to be tough going in every sense. Probably best to postpone.


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Saludos BiggBlue223

Este post da referencias sobre albergues abiertos y comentarios de algún peregrino que ha hecho la Vía (bici).

La vía es muy solitaria, normalmente con pocos peregrinos. Pasa por pueblos pequeños que según he leído por aquí, se mantienen distantes a los peregrinos. A no ser que tengas suerte, raro será que encuentres compañero de camino. Las tardes son solitarias y monótonas.

En circunstancias normales es un camino para peregrinos y peregrinas experimentados que buscan un camino más solitario. En situación actual covid, más complicado aún.

¿Vienes? Mi consejo personal es que NO. ……….Esta semana la situación es imprecisa por el covid, aumentan los casos, se están confinando algunos pueblos y otras ciudades importantes tienen más casos positivos (Salamanca).

Muchos de los peregrinos habituales españoles no hemos salido al camino como precaución. Yo mismo no he ido, soy un enamorado de la Plata y me escapaba cuando podía.

El camino estará abierto en mejor ocasión. Sigue ilusionada y “siempre preparando y dispuesta” nuestro momento, nuestro camino llegará.

Entre tanto, una lectura amena sobre la VDLP:

Salud y buen camino….. en mejor ocasión

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Manolo.    Thank you for your very helpful advice, and it has convinced me that this is not a good time to walk. Best to watch the news and go when things are better. I think I was hoping it would be possible, but the signs and advice I am getting are - it will be hot, lonely, challenging and a difficult journey. I used to be a skydiver and I learnt to watch the clouds and the speed of the wind, I listened to my instinct and intuition, they served me well. The one time I ignored it ..things went wrong.   My instincts and helpful advice received is - don't go.  

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Hi Biggblue

very lonely, hot ....,

I t s up to you!!!!

I love Camino de la Plata but  this year is quite difficult give advices. Take care !

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Thanks, I think in the circumstances it will be better not to go (and regret not going) than to go and really regret going laugh