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Achilles injury

I am walking the northern Camino, strained my left Achilles tendon the day before I left North  a America.  It hurt a little in the airports, I've walked one day to San Sebastien and it hurts worse as I re- injured it with a few tweaks on the trail. Have decided to take a day off here, am icing it and taking Advil, may bike some of I'm able. Any advice out there would be appreciated:

How long to stay off it? Any treatment recommendations? Is it dangerous to walk on it if I can stand there pain? Should I consider taping it or putting on an ace bandage?


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I am not a doctor, but  I urgently recommend you to go to see one. May be you'll have to take some days without walking. I am very  sorry for you,  but don't risk your health. If your holidays run out,  you could skip some "etapas" by taking a bus. 

Whishing you all the best and Buen Camino.

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Well, that's very undofrtunate because with all the mud on the Camino del Norte, particularly in Basque Country, the most common injury I've seen was Achilles tendon.  I too had pain on the left one after seven days on mud and an osteopath fixed it in one hour. I suggest you find an osteopath where you are before continuing walking which will most likely make it worst. Good luck and Buen Camino!