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Camino de le Puy - Oct 2021

Hello Everyone,

I plan to walk the Le Puy route starting Oct 1 and currently researching information and would really appreciate any input from anyone with relevant experience.

1. I fly from California, the USA to Barcelona, Spain, and will take a bus and train to Le Puy. I am fully vaccinated (Pfizer - two jabs).
What requirements are needed at the Spanish airport? at the French border?

2.What is the usual weather in October-November? Are rains light or heavy?  I will bring a rain jacket.

3. Is the route mostly paved roads? percentage, if any estimate? I wear hiking boots.

Thank you all in advance. Buen Camino!

3. Where do I get a 





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Hi Bert.

Are you walking Le Puy to St. Jean Pied de Port or all the way to Santiago?

1. Don't take mine or anybody's words about covid requirements and always check official sources for the most updated information as it changes weekly. You don't need anything to enter Spain other than your covid vaccine card and a form that you can get here: France also requires you are fully vaxed and you'll need a covid pass to enter hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, etc. I have no idea where you get this pass being a tourists.
2. It's already fall in October and the weather would be on the chilly side in France for sure but how cold would depend on what you are used to. Rain, yes. It always rains in France, hahaha. Seriously, get some layers and a good rain jacket and you'll be fine. October and November are great walking months.
3. No idea as I never walked this Camino.

Buen Camino!

Bert Drona
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Hello Txetxa. 

I plan to walk only to SJPDP.

Yes, I checked ou the Spanish website that you forwarded. 

I had to do changes to my backpack stuff to suit the weather. I hope the Oct-Nov 2021 period would be great as you mentioned.  

I arrive in Barcelona on Sept 27 and plan to be in Le Puy Oct 1,

Thank you. BUEN CAMINO!!