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Accommodation in October from le Puy-en-velay until Conques

I want to hike in I think 10 days beginning October 6th until October  from le Puy-en-velay until Conques 
Do you know if the Gites and Chambre d hotels are open in that period. I don't want to make reservation since I don't know how many kilometers I want to hike on a day? 
So how will that be.., will I have problems? 
another question: can you expect snow or will in be snowless?

I hope someone knows the answers on my questions

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Hi Pippo 66.

Most of the gites d'étapes are open until October 31 but you should better confirm it with each of the chosen ones.

In ten days you can walk from the Le Puy-en-Velay to Conques at an average of 22-25 kms. per day. There won't be as many people as there are on that stretch so far, so you'll enjoy the early fall more.

Bring rain and warm clothing because you may need them along the entire Camino but especially on the Aubrac plateau, the highest area on the entire route where you could have snow.

¡ Buen Camino et Ultreia !