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Many (more personal) questions!

Thank you for your kindness in answering my previous questions. I am excited but nervous as this is my first Camino and really my first time traveling alone. This site is fantastic for planning!

Has anyone had success importing the KML files into Google maps? Any other downloadable maps for iPhone you can recommend?.

Do the municipal albergues have (free) soap for hand washing clothes or should I bring/buy some?

What clothing is required (or suggested) for women to enter churches (eg, scarves to cover heads, skirts/dress below the knee)? I want to be respectful of the local customs. 

What is your impression of the inexpensive “camps” that are not specific to pilgrims but offer a discount. They offer tents and cabins. Those worry me a little bit - theft and lice wise. Have you heard of anyone getting lice? Does every place have a locker for backpacks?

Do the municipal alberges have ac?

Also re: bathrooms - how available are they along the coastal route (both routine and potential emergency). What is the protocol (ie, buy something, give small gift, how to ask nicely with proper respect and appreciation). 

I'm a little worried about "travelers diarrhea" - are antibiotics readily available? Where do you find them?

Thank you in advance for your kind advice!


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Hi Janice Again!

1. For KML and GPX archives I use GPX viewer. It's free

2.You will need to bring soap for washing your clothes,not so many albergues have it.

3. For churches, in Spain and Portugal, women don't use scarves. Usually there is not a problem but in some places its better to use clothes under the knee (both for men and women).

4. About camps and so on. Normally are Ok, but it's better to check them one by one.

5. Just private albergues have lockers, not the public ones. But I've never had a problem. Well, one pilgrim once get up very early and took my sneakers by mistake, but it was a mistake wink

6. About bathrooms. You are not going to find public bathrooms. It's better to go to a bar or a cafe and drink or eat something. Bathrooms are only for costumers. By the way tipping in Spain and Portugal it's optional. Waiters have a salary and you just tip some cents or maybe a little bit more in a restaurant, but never the 10% or something like that. 

7. Water is good but you are going to find pharmacies along the way and people are nice. So if you find yourself in a really small town without a pharmacy just ask the alberguero or any pilgrim and they'll help you.

Buen Camino!

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Obrigada! Very good advice. Good to know about tipping too! smiley

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Olá Janice. Relaxa. Vais tentar chegar a Santiago. Pensa no dias da chegada e no abraço ao Santo. Até lá procura alguns vídeos no YouTube sobre os aspectos práticos do Caminho. Desculpa escrever na minha língua natal. Podes traduzir usando Google translator. Bom Caminho. 

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Gosto de ler em português, amigo Xico Miguel. Gosto de todas as línguas peninsulares (embora em basco não saiba mais do que algumas palavras e saudações).

Bom Caminho!

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E a mim amigo Xixonés, agrada-me falar galego quando passo para Tui. Bom Caminho