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The important thing for me is lost on the Camino de la Costa

Hello everybody! Yestarday I lost a warm sporting pullover of blue color with grey inset on its arms. I think it fell down off my backpack. I presume i lost it between the bridge of rio cavado and Marinhas. If somobody saw it in the nearest Albergue or on the path of saint Jacob, please write here! This thing is dear to me and i will think of the way to get it back! Thank you for your attation! 

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Hi Anna.

It will be helpful if you upload a photo of your pullover and a way of contacting you. 

Normally if somebody finds an objejt on the route, it leaves in a visible place beside the way. If this is the case, you have to return to the point where you think you lost it and cross your fingers.

Good Luck Anna