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Camino starting 17th March - YOUR HELP NEEDED

Hiya everyone,
I've just joined the forum. I'm hoping some of you with so much knowledge can provide with me with some tips on doing El Camino del Norte, Northern route. Was planning on starting from Bilbao airport on 17th March. Struggling to find Alberque's for my route as they seem to be closed for March. Can anyone help? Also where in Bilbao can I get my Camino Passport? All help & advice will be greatly appreciated.


F Javier Galán
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What a pitty! I've just hoy tickets yo Irún un Next friday 8. I Hope pass Bilbao through un 3 ir 4 days. Buen camino 

F Javier Galán
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Hey in touch in this website ://

Olso, go into Santiago churc, close yo the Camino un the entrance of Bilbao.

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Think I'll be changing my plan to start at Portugalete now Javier. Have only 16 days to get from there to Santiago. Not sure will it be possible but will give it a good day. Hope your Camino going well?


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Greetings from Ponferrada.

First of all my English is not good, apologies if you do not get to understand what I write well. If this happens, I ask you to ask me again.

For what I read you want to start in Portugalete, from that place and if you intend to get to Santiago de Compostela you will need 27 - 30 full days walking. In the 16 days that you comment is humanly impossible, you will only get to Galicia. On the next occasion you can complete your pilgrimage.

Credenciales in Bilbao.

- Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago on Bilbao.

14 Grupo Santo Domingo de Guzmán Street.

- Barrio de la Cruz parochial albergue..

No number La Cruz neigborhood.

- Municipal albergue for pilgrims from Bilbao.

60 Kobetas street.

- Cathedral of Bilbao.

1 Santiago Square.

- Bishopric of Bilbao.

38 Begoñako Andra María Kalea street.