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to book or not to book starting Irun 22nd April 2019

Hi Everyone

I'm planning to depart Irun on the 22nd April. I will book accomodation in Irun and the next night in San Sebastian but thinking of keeping the rest of the journey open. what do others think? Would it be easy enough to find accomodation each night?

Thanks in anticipation 


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Hi Robin,

You will find everywhere an accommodation! Nevertheless it was a good decision to book for the first two nights, particularly in San Sebastian. I remember that after arriving in San Sebastian in the late afternoon just expensive hotels were left. The same happend in Deba, because there was just one pension. Have a nice peregrination! Buen camino!



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You will need to book in San Sebastian, because there aren't any public hostel and acommodation is very expensive, so you have to make a reservation as soon as you can.

For the rest of the stages, I think you could go without a reservation and if you need you could book the day before o the same day depending on where you go to sleep, and if there are hostels opened or not.

It's important to know which hostels are opened in that month, because maybe, there will be some hostels closed.

Here you can see information about hostels  that open in November and December:

Buen camino and enjoy Spain!