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02/11/2016 - 19:23 No the house it very old, the pilgrims are crammed into the old part, they even sold 2places on matresses in the tiny smelly hall next to the open cupboard for the boots (!) actually blocking the escape way. there are many hospitaleros and their families living in the newly renovated larger part of the building where the dining room is. pilgrims can enter there only for dinner. the food was very good, but the hospitaleros act intrusively also during dinner to sell the opinion of the christian sect they belong. after dinner pilgrims had to go. there is no other room to stay. in the morning it was cold and windy but the hospitaleros, who talked so much about Jesus, didn't give us breakfast or even let us into the kitchen, the benches outside wet with dew, we could see the light in the cozy dining romm, where the Jesus-people had their breakfast, standing outside in the wind eating our muesli bars for a cold breakfast and then walk 13 km down to los arcos. the hospitalero said, they couldnt serve breakfast on that morning, because they didnt have enough staff! there where at least 4 people around. it takes only one to make a pot of coffee... Verena Ma
09/12/2015 - 11:35 Cuando estuve hace 3 años lo llevaban unos chicos religiosos que ninguno hablaba español si bien no hubo problema para entenderse. El albergue esta en un edificio muy viejo pero encantador,mantiene la esencia del camino. No reservan plaza y se llena muy pronto en verano y el siguiente pueblo esta muy lejos,hay que tenerlo en cuenta. joansc

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