De Valencia a Santiago, 2014

Nitay Guggenheim
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De Valencia a Santiago

We loved it, even if we walked meny kilometers wrong (something like 55 km)... because of "missing" flechas amarillas... and bad documentation. The Camino is very, very beautiful but there is necessary some corrections and clarifications to make the path, more clear.


9 of 10...
The first 3 days it only on asphalt. Comming out from Valencia were not realy clear... very bad albergues during the all Camino.. some of wich i wuold'nt recomend for my dog - !! Sorry...
La Mancha is very beautful but extremly long and windy... and you have to think about how to "cut" it to pieces... so it will be easier . Dont do it in summer !!
We did the all distan walked from Madina del Campo to Benavente (not Zamora) and continued to Astorga -> Ponferrada - and from Ponferrade we walked Camino de Invierno. 
Invierno is the most beautiful and most toughtest (mas duro). We have seen/done (we did some Caminos before) Yes... all the 280 km path, but we wanted to try to make 1280 km in 40 days... meet some freinds in Benavente... and not doing either the Francés nor the Sanabres again so we planed our path according to it.


The first weeks... up to Avila, we walked about 60 km on wrong direction. The 3 most problematic stages was between Toledo and San Bertolome de Pinares... must be a combination of meny thing, even our physical condition... possibility to keep our atention and focus. We had an old German guidebook and bad maps (we are Swedish and it turned out to be not a good combination...). But until we came to Castilia and Lion... the waymarks were often missing or not easy to follow... sorry !! Yes some 700 km with sometimes not so good or unclear waymarkes...


We have tryd some albergues but gave up soon because they were very bad in general.... We have slept only at Casa Rural and hostals... and it turned to be a good chois.

Sugerencias a los futuros peregrinos: 

If you are interested in more specific and detailed information regarding these caminos: The Levante / Sureste, Via de la Plata, Camino Francés, Sanabres... and de Invierno... or just that particular trail starting in Valencia follows on to Albacete - Toledo - Avila - Benavente - Astorga - Ponferrada - Puente de Domingo Florez - Monforte de Lemos - Laxe - Santiago de Compostela... which is can 1.280 km long.

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